For over ten years, this Christian Deism webpage has been published to assist individuals in identifying themselves as Christian Deists, and to encourage the practice of Christian Deism as a personal religion. During this time, I have received many hundreds of emails from individuals who identify themselves as Christian Deists who are seeking to relate to other Christian Deists. Some years ago, I wrote an essay entitled "Getting together as Christian Deists" but I have found that Christian Deists are often geographically separated and unable to establish local groups.

From the emails that I receive, it appears that Christian Deists need to belong to a Christian Deist organization that includes all Christian Deists everywhere, for the following reasons:

        1. To have an organizational identity and relationship with other Christian Deists.

        2. To be able to answer the question, often asked: What "church" do you belong to?

        3. To meet State legal requirements for authorization to perform certain activities, such as Christian Deist marriage ceremonies.

Since Christian Deism is a religion which is opposed to any religious hierarchy, an organization of Christian Deists must be egalitarian (all members are equal). With this in mind, a constitution for a worldwide Christian Deist Fellowship has been designed.

Anyone who identifies himself or herself as a "Christian Deist" is automatically a member of the Christian Deist Fellowship. No application or registration for membership is required. The constitution of the Christian Deist Fellowship contains a brief statement of beliefs by which an individual can determine whether he or she belongs to this organization.

The Christian Deist Fellowship was organized March 12, 2009 under the Texas Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act, Article 1396-70.01, Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes.

If you would like to let me know that you are a Christian Deist, or if you have any comment or question about the Constitution and Bylaws of the Christian Deist Fellowship, please send an email to me ( ).

Brother John

March 12, 2009


Article 1: Name of Organization

Christian Deist Fellowship

Article 2: Purpose

To provide an organization for Christian Deists and to promote the practice of Christian Deism through free educational and religious activities.

Article 3: Membership

All individuals who identify themselves as Christian Deists are members of the Christian Deist Fellowship. A Christian Deist believes:

        1. Jesus was a man who worshiped God, our Creator.

        2. Jesus taught that it is God's will for you to "love your neighbor (including enemies) as yourself," (Matthew 22:39; 5:43-44) which means that "whatever you wish that people would do to you, do so to them." (Matthew 7:12).

        3. God's will is taught to everyone by God (John 6:45) in the design of human nature, and is learned through human experience and reasoning. We worship (honor) God by doing God's will.

        4. Failures to love others, by causing human suffering or by being indifferent to human suffering, are offenses (sins) against God, and are destructive to your soul (inner self, or life).

        5. If you repent of your sins and you forgive others who sin against you, God forgives your sins (Matthew 6:14-15), and restores your soul.

        6. If you try to live by love for others, and sincerely repent of your failures to love, you will enjoy satisfaction with yourself in this life, and you have reason to hope that God will give you another life.

Article 4: Offices

The Christian Deist Fellowship is an egalitarian organization so all members are of equal rank and are authorized to serve as official representatives of the Christian Deist Fellowship to provide religious, educational, and humanitarian services to all people free and without charge, including performance of marriage ceremonies in accord with State laws.

Article 5: Finance

The Christian Deist Fellowship has no financial assets or property, and no monetary income.

Article 6: Meetings

The Christian Deist Fellowship has no regular meetings. Members may meet in local groups for the purpose of social fellowship, religious education, and humanitarian activities but Christian Deists do not have public worship services.

Article 7: Amendments

This constitution and bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the members of the Christian Deist Fellowship in an election advertised and conducted on the internet.

Article 8: Dissolution of Organization

The Christian Deist Fellowship shall exist in perpetuity unless dissolved by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members of the Christian Deist Fellowship in an election advertised and conducted on the internet.

Article 9: Initial Agent and Headquarters Location

The initial agent for the Christian Deist Fellowship is Brother John Lindell, founder of the Christian Deism web page (The Human Jesus and Christian Deism), and the initial headquarters location is his residence in Travis County, Texas.

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